Literacy Narrative Reflection

I found this assignment a little challenging because it required me to think back to my childhood. Which was difficult since so many other things have happened since then and also because I had to talk about my relationship with reading and writing. Through writing this narrative I was able to really understand and reflect on my relationship with reading and writing. My narrative is about my struggles with reading from elementary, middle, and high school and how they shape my reading and writing.

The free writing assignment was really helpful because it allowed me to have an understanding of what memories I wanted to focus my narrative on. When it came to writing the narrative I had distinct images in my head of what each memory felt like and I tried to convey that through the pictures that I drew. Through out this whole process of writing my narrative I learned that I like this type of writing because I get to explain myself as opposed to the thoughts and writings of someone else. The most interesting part of my essay is the title “How I learned to Love Reading” because it hints at a struggle that is going to be explored in the writing.

Literacy Narrative 1: How I Learned to Love Reading

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