Literacy Narrative 3 Reflection

This assignment allowed me to focus on the writing and revision process. Writing a literacy narrative and then turning it into a comic allowed me to be concise in my language and think critically about the story I was trying to tell. The moving from a comic back to a written narrative gave me a chance to revise my narrative, so it had a clear beginning and end without random pieces of information that did not contribute to the story. The use of a visual outline of my writing made it easier to form my narrative into something that matched my intentions.

       Returning to the Alphabetic narrative after having drawn a comic version allowed the plot of my story to be more precise. Although the whole process of translating a visual back to writing was complicated because the information I had once thought was essential to the story were the main parts that I had to remove. This allowed me to evaluate my literacy narrative as a whole rather than just specific parts improving the process of revision.

       After revising my narrative, I was able to see the parts of the narrative that needed expanding on and the parts that needed to be more precise. The process of writing my revised story was a little different because I already had an established plot and the key points I wanted to bring up, which made writing the narrative easier. After completing the revision process, my narrative still feels the same but is presented in a more straightforward way to the reader.

Literacy Narrative 3

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