Tracing Pages Reflection

The Thesis of my essay is that In Spinning and Stitches, the authors present different ways to confront trauma and control the passing of time to emphasize pivotal moments and feelings in the story. The stopping of time during the comic’s traumatizing event allows the reader to control the pace at which they read to give them the time to deal with the emotions presented.

The process of annotating the pages was a beneficial way of getting my thoughts flowing. But I found it challenging to explain some of the things that I saw on the page. When I started, I knew which page I wanted to trace for Stitches, but choosing one specific page for Spinning was a little more difficult because the page I decided required me to sum up a lot of emotionally weighted information. The tracing process helped me solidify a specific topic that I wanted to discuss in my essay and made the similarities between the two texts more explicit.

Writing an inductive essay for the first time was a disorienting experience. I found it challenging to organize my thoughts and arguments in a way that flowed together coherently. Before writing my essay, I created an outline of the ideas I wanted to make and the evidence I wanted to use when explaining, but I felt a little lost in the process of writing. My thought process toward writing a paper had to be revised to get my argument across.

Through the tracing pages assignment, I learned a lot more about comics’ secret language because I was able to focus more on individual pages and the tools that helped aid in the progression of the narrative. Also, this assignment allowed me to understand the commentary on the trauma that David Smalls and Tillie Walden present in their comics.

Tracing Assignment + Essay

Image credit: Smalls,David. “Stitches” pg. 234

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